How to start

In case you’re here within the, to begin with, put, it’s safe to expect that you simply feel the call to perform. If you’re the sort of fellow or young lady who cherishes to induce a chuckle, cherishes to tell a story, loves to (as Borge says over) abbreviate the separation between two individuals, at that point, it looks like you’ll have a few natural-born abilities as a standup comedian. Comedy in all its shapes and forms—from “how around that plane food” to “two clerics walk into a bar”—requires an extraordinary kind of respect for others and their behavior, and a special discernment of the things that make the world go circular. Apart has been said around the day-to-day: What can you wax on that’s new and particular to you? As Backstage’s inhabitant comedy master Steve Kaplan says, we are fair a “motley crew,” after all, “hurtling through the void in a cold, wanton universe.” So why not make light of that existentialism with great humor?